There are choices to make about how we will document the facts we discover about our history. Resources such as,, and others allow us to contruct a tree containing material gleaned from each site and others. and are collaborative sites creating World Trees with all individuals included. does not have any "Private" or "Personal" trees. has a limited "Private" tree. The forgoing Internet websites offer few if any reporting options. Click Here to access the Useful Links page for access to these websites.
As we interact with our family and other family historians who do not have access to our on-line information we need alternative wys to communicate our precious information to them.  An assortment of database programs are available to us that perform two important functions. First, we can save the information onto our personal computer to preserve our hard work. Additionally these programs have a plethora of charts, reports and book formats to allow us to share our findings with others in a secure way. These too are found on the Useful Links Page.