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Anna Mayer
Anna Mayer
Born Cincinnati, Ohio 1856, Died Fort Scott Kansas 1921

DNA Tools (Formerly
DNA matching as reported by the several testing companies can only identify matches from individuals who have tested with that vendor's lab.  A third party program allows raw data to be uploaded from many vendors, allowing comparing results from a larger pool of potential matches. GEDmatch has many additional, useful tools for analyzing your DNA and looking at match lists. Learning to use those tools may take some time as they are not a very intuitive program.
GEDmatch is a free program. If you have had a DNA test and have downloaded the raw data, you can submit the information by creating a login. Click Here to go to
DNA Painter is a website that you can use to visualize and make notes on your DNA matches. The site is intended for genealogists and family history enthusiasts who have taken a DNA test. We have a natural desire to discover who our matches are and how we’re related to them, but interpreting test results can be a challenge, with unfamiliar names and pages of numbers.
The site's strapline is 'Map DNA Segments to your ancestors'. When you look at the segments you share with a known relative (for example a 2nd cousin - someone with whom you share a set of Great-Grandparents), you have a strong indication that you inherited these segments from your common ancestors. When you enter these segments into DNA Painter, you can map them to your Great-Grandparents, since unless you're related to your 2nd cousin in more than one way, your Great-Grandparents must have been the source of these segments.
Blain T. Bettenger Ph.D.,J.D. has recorded an explanation of Chromesome Mapping using DNA painter. Click Here to see this 40 minute video. 
Click Here to subscribe to the DNA PAINTER.COM website

Promethease is a literature retrieval system that creates a personal DNA report based on your DNA data, taking into account all the scientific and medical literature cited in SNPedia. Customers of DNA testing services (Ancestry.com23andMeFamilyTreeDNAGenosComplete GenomicsWeGene, ...) use Promethease to learn more about their DNA variants, independent of whichever company produced the raw DNA data.

To make a report go to URL This takes about 10-20 minutes and costs $10 (all credit cards and major currencies are accepted). additional files can be added to a report (either to pool data from multiple companies, or to compare against someone else) for +$4 per file.

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