Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Kansas City
Anna Mayer
Anna Mayer
Born Cincinnati, Ohio 1856, Died Fort Scott Kansas 1921
What is Genealogy?
Genealogy is the study of the history of families and the tracing of their lineages. Genealogists, amateurs and professionals alike,  use many tools including historical records, oral traditions, genetic analysis, and other records to obtain information about a family and to demonstrate the kinship or pedigrees of its members. Some genealogists differentiate between genealogy and family history, limiting genealogy to an account of kinship, while using "family history" to describe additional details about lives and put them into an historical context.
Collecting the Information
Creating a Family History Research Plan is essential to efficiently and effectively gather, store and report  your family history. Where and how you will find the historical facts, photos  and documents? How and where will you archive these data for review and reporting? Today we have the Internet to facilitate our collection of data but that does not preclude the opportunity to interview the older members of your family, visit courthouses, libraries, cemeteries and other places where we might find records..Learn. More
Documenting Records 
In addition to recording the oral history of relatives and finding photos often held in private ownership albums, the pursuit of the genealogist is largely that of following a paper trail to provide evidence about relationships including names, places or dates. In the United States, manyl searches begin with public records generated by the government including birth, marriage, death, immigration, naturalization, census, military, property, probate, and wills. These materials are filed at the local, state, and federal levels...Learn More
Who are the Jewish People?
After the Exodus from Egypt, the Jewish People have spread out into virtually every country in the world. There are concentrations in several areas and we classify these populations by their diverse religious practices, dietary preferences, and languages.